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Any news?



So, is this game still alive or its rather a dead project?

This project is still alive! I'm still quietly improving it. Thank you for your patience!


I hope someday I'll be able to figure you how you got your score of 02:38.58 .  Currently the best run I've done is 02:55.71 .  Oh well, maybe I'll be able to figure out the secret someday.  :)

I won't give away my whole secret, but it may help to know that my 100% route hits Spookyland first, then Carnival Land, then detouring through the middle for the last boat before Expedition Land and doubling back for the exit. Be sure to use roll jumps when possible, since they're the fastest form of movement in the game. Good luck!

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I watched your video, and just wanted to say/point out a few things that I noticed.

1. There's supposed to be an antagonist character that cases/hunts you around the level;  You unfortunately didn't get to see them because you didn't active either of their spawning triggers, which are:  Attacking the big grandfather clock, or collecting 2 keys.  Which brings me onto my second observation...

2. You might want to consider going into the menu and reading the game's controls/mechanics.  It looks like you experimented with the controls to get a feel for them at the start of your experience;  Which is good and all, but I noticed a couple of times where you were unsure with how to deal with something, because you didn't understand (all of) the controls;  The best example of which was the timed hoops challenge that you visited and gave up on more than once.  You couldn't figure out how to start it, but the help page in the menu quickly and simply explains the whole process.

I hope this doesn't come across as condescending, I just wanted to try and help you get a better experience with this game in case you decide to try it again in the future.  I think this game seems interesting, and want to see it do well;  Which in turn benefits from making as many "best experiences" as it can, as often as it can.

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thank u tips :D .. love retro type 64bit time :D


I finally beat the game, E gore actually wasn't as hard as I initially thought he was, I stated his difficultly being very hard in the google forms.  Still is fairly difficult though, you need to know where everything is after trying a few times.


I love this game!  Great unique character designs, and it really does have the banjo-kazooie feel.  The guy that chases you really is terrifying too.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!